Comrade Samuel Isaiah Chukwudi encourages Comrade Peter Andy, the Igbo Eze South Local Government Chairman to beg for developmental aids from wealthy individuals in Ibagwa and beyond.

His words reads as follow:
“I’m pleased with the fact that the chairman of our dear local government, Igbo-Eze South is not only a friend but a brother to many of us whose intimidating legitimacy he enjoys is as a result of his pedigree in governance, especially the grace which he has contracted from our Governor who is adjudged by many to be an uncommon blessing to our state-Enugu.

On this note, I want to officially congratulate him for his recent electoral victory which he has not taken for granted to the best of my knowledge. So far, he has initiated so many projects and executing them with conspicuous speed. He has cut cost of governance by having limited aids and living altruistic life style. He has made governance nearest to the people by making himself accessible through his zero protocol policy. He is redefining the leadership narrative which hitherto was an absolute joke. No doubt, he deserves kudos.

However, I will like to remind him, Comr. Peter Andy that he has a lot to do in terms of developing our community. First, he needs to ensure that under his reign Ibagwa has a known commercial bank (not microfinance) that will ease business transactions.
Cultism especially among teens is becoming a menace and is already affecting the image of our community which was an example for others hitherto. Thus, Your Excellency, you need to something about this anti-social activity by initiating policies that will ensure our youths have meaningful sources of income. It has been proven academically that men resort to crimes sometimes because of lack of empowerment. The popular saying that an idle man is a devil workshop prove my assertion more plausible.

Ibagwa Boys Secondary School is an eyesore and most painfully, a hideout for criminals. The need for the renovation is an urgent one. Agu-Onitsha where my grandma still lives till date is in dire need of tarred road, electricity and standard health care. For age-long, Agu-Onitsha citizens have been treated with no regards by the past governments. That village has come of age and the need for government to do something is necessary. That government is yours.

Meanwhile, as an abreast citizen of Nigeria, I’m aware of our sorry enconomic state which affects all angles. But then, governance is not a one man responsibility. As a charismatic leader, I urge you to employ your influence to attract development projects through well to do individuals in our community and beyond.

For instance, Gwogwo and G-best were born in Agu-Onitsha and Agbapata respectively. God has endowed them with wealth. Please seek their support towards developing Agu-Onitsha.

Ibagwa-Aka is blessed by men who are quite wealthy and generous. Going to them for developmental aids is a great idea. It’s not your fault, Your Excellency that you emerged chairman of our local government when economy is in shambles. It’s therefore unfortunate you have to beg. But if begging will bail us out of this developmental quagmire, please beg. I’m and I know, majority of our people are/will be in support of you”.